1. INFRONT OF THE CAMERA reserves the right to alter day of model workshop if deemed necessary. In the unlikely event of this happening INFRONT OF THE CAMERA will offer you an alternative date.
  2. If you are aged between 16-18 years old you are permitted to bring one parent or legal guardian (Due to limited studio space) with you on the day.
  3. The fee for your intensive model workshop day at INFRONT OF THE CAMERA is nonrefundable.
  4. If you are unable to make the scheduled workshop date after you have made payment we will endeavour to get you a place at a future workshop date, subject to availability.
  5. Please allow a maximum of two weeks from the day of attendance to receive your 3 edited images via email from photographer. Your 3 edited images are included in the model workshop price.
  6. INFRONT OF THE CAMERA operates as a Confidence boosting workshop as well as a Model training, advice and photographic facility for all aspiring models and plus size models. We are not a model agency and no offers of work will be made to you from us.
  7. INFRONT OF THE CAMERA reserves the right to use any images taken of you during the model workshop day for the purpose of marketing and promotion. We will not be marketing you, as we are not an agency.
  8. INFRONT OF THE CAMERA, it’s directors, associates, employees and associated companies, Sponsors, partners and shareholders make no guarantees written or implied that you will receive any paid work in the plus size modelling or entertainment industry and they accept no liability for any damages, personal injury, loss or damage to your personal property, consequential loss, expenses, fees, costs or any other adverse circumstance resulting from your attendance at the INFRONT OF THE CAMERA model workshop.
  9. Health and Safety: Please ensure that you carefully follow all instructions, directions and health and safety guidelines from our staff on day of attendance at INFRONT OF THE CAMERA.
  10. Unlawful or Unruly Behaviour: If during your Model Workshop Day, at INFRONT OF THE CAMERA you act unlawfully or in a manner which we feel is seriously detrimental to the quality of the day or well-being of other clients and/or our staff, we reserve the right to immediately suspend our provision of services to you without a refund of any fees paid.
  11. Whilst INFRONT OF THE CAMERA only use professional make-up, hair & beauty products we take no responsibility for any skin or other medical reaction you may have from using our products on day of model workshop. You agree to use any of our make-up and hair products at your own risk.