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About Ahead Of The Curves

My name is Sabine Gruchet I am a curvy model who started a range of mainly dresses and added a fun range of corsets and slips to flatter women of all shapes and sizes, I believe in showing off your curves, and not hiding them or swamping them.

I come from a fashion background my mother and aunt had thier own line of clothing and several boutiques and I was put into business at the age of 18, where I owned and ran two lingerie and clothing boutiques.

I’m so excited to show you my gorgeous range not only for the clothes, but also for the models,  you will see a range of sizes and different body shapes.

My Ahead of the Curves site is unique in that this has never been done before and have had great feedback from ladies seeing not just a straight size model but also a curvy and plus-size model, it’s almost like trying it on at home to be able to see the dress your about to purchase in many shapes.

The average size in the western world is not a size 8 or 10, so I believe in showing models not just like my myself but models who you will relate to in size, apple shape, pear, hourglass from a small/medium to a large/4XL.

I started modelling at the age of 15 after being discovered in my local supermarket, I started off modelling as a straight size model for many years all around the globe for many world-wide brands, morning shows, shopping channels magazine , billboards and print. The pressure to be slim was great and with age I also increased with size, so I think with my clothing and modelling background as a straight and now plus size model I can relate to all ladies and have a range that will flatter for all shapes ages and sizes.

I hope you enjoy them and thank you for the business.



AHEAD OF THE CURVES - Plus size clothing


As a straight-size model, Sabine landed covers on many Australian magazines and achieved widespread recognition in Australia as the cheeky, smiley model on Australia’s locally produced of “Wheel Of Fortune”. She also landed campaigns for Wella, Hyundai, Cannon to name but a few. After a brief hiatus to earn her degree and venturing in to the world of selling luxury cars where she became genuinely passionate about empowering women in the male-dominated car industry, Sabine came back to the modelling industry as a plus-size model promoting healthy self esteem for young women. She now lives in London, and is engaged primarily in modelling plus-size clothing working with clients such as; M&S, Lipsy, Thomas Pink, TU and Zoggs swimwear…

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